Conclusive proof UFO crashed to Earth? Leaked memo on debris from ‘outer space vehicle’

Yesterday researchers revealed how a top UFO researcher had dared the US Government to charge him after he went public with his own Wikileaks of 11 pages of top-secret explosive UFO files from American and Canada.

Among the papers Victor Viggiani revealed at the first Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, was a confidential memo dated November 14 1968.

The Criminal Investigation Burea (CIB) F Division document was headlined “Re UFO found in Northern Saskatchewan”.

The document said on October 17 the same year, a Mr J Hodges regional representative, of the associate committee on meteorites of the National Research Council of Canada, had taken a “small metal fragment” which was found by an unnamed pilot to the Crime Detection Laboratory.

It said it was found in the Wollaston Lake area, 450 miles northeast of Prince Albert, near the Manitoba border.

The original document as released during the inquiry.


The original document as released during the inquiry.

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