NASA’s Juno Spacecraft recorded THESE creepy sounds as it approached Jupiter

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that Jupiter is roaring. NASA’s Juno spacecraft recorded the ‘alien’ sounds as the spacecraft was making its way through the boundary of Jupiter’s magnetic field on June 24. 

Just before the Juno spacecraft fired up its rocket to decelerate and enter Jupiter’s orbit smoothly, the spacecraft started hearing mysterious sounds coming from the Gas Giant.

The enigmatic, strange, screeching sounds were recorded by Juno’s Wave instrument just as the spacecraft was making its way through the boundary of Jupiter’s magnetic field on June 24.

The sounds are both fascinating and chilling to listen to.

Researchers have already explained why Jupiter is ‘roaring.’ As weird as it may sound to everyone, the strange noise coming from the Gas Giant is the ‘bow shock’ caused when the NASA spacecraft entered the planet’s humongous magnetic field which protects the gas giant from powerful solar winds, just as Earth’s magnetic field shields us from solar winds.

Researchers explain that the screeching sound is produced when solar winds travelling at supersonic speeds, hurtling towards Jupiter are suddenly slowed down and heated as the crash into Jupiter’s magnetosphere which forms the so-called bow shock, something similar to the sonic boom when an aircraft exceeds the speed of sound on our planet, and compression waves coming off combine to form the so-called ‘shock wave.

The eery sound recorded by Juno lasted around 2 hours which is really impressive since the spacecraft is travelling at around 241,000 km/h (150,000 mph).

 It was not until 24 hours later that the Waves instrument on board Juno recorded that the spacecraft had officially crossed the magnetopause, where it’s protected from powerful solar winds.

Check out the link below and hear the ‘alien’ sounds for yourself.


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