The Biggest Conspiracy Theory of All Time-Stargate at the Gulf of Aden

An exclusive video interview with Aaron McCollum has been released from the makers of Project Camelot and it is by far a gigantic leaping for anyone’s imagination, the rabbit hole of conspiracy hypothesis has just got deeper!

If you haven’t been up to date with the latest conspiracy theories of late but have been following the news you may have heard of much to do with the Gulf of Aden. Over the last many months it has been reported of a large congregation of a multinational group of Battle Ships that have been patrolling the waters.


It has been reported across mainstream media that all countries involved are protecting their interests from the growing Somali Pirates threat. But conspiracy theorists have been reporting this story as a Red Flag Operation to cover the real purpose of their unprecedented Navel activity in the water of Aden.

It has been said and also in-depth in this video interview with Aaron McCollum from Project Camelot that a strange magnetic anomaly has been found in the Gulf of Aden. This strange magnetic anomaly is making what conspiracy theorists believe to be a portal, a kind of Intergalactic Stargate, that only now is slowly being activated and the Governments and the Elites can’t stop it.

There are many strange hypothesis surrounding the 2012 phenomena but now the objective is escalated to Universal proportions, what’s causing this Stargate to become activated is well anybody’s guess but there are now many synchronised hypothesis being reported throughout the Internet that well is too greater for a mention here.

In Aaron McCollum’s interview he bravely or insanely acknowledges to have been working for Top Secret or Black Projects run by the world’s Elites/ Governments. He boldly opens a mega tsunami of Intel and reports to have been working in secret underground facility’s that are also under the sea, he says one of these facilities are on the west side of Puerto Rico and was aware of Project Seagate, he also tells of ongoing genetic experimentations, the cohesion and calibration of extraterrestrials working in these facilities, the existence of the TR-3bs triangular shaped UFOs as a black government aircraft, interdimensional travel and the listing goes on and on, deeper and deeper!

So if you are still interested and think your intellect can handle it, I recommend having a look at this video, as a note or merely an observation have a look at his T-Shirt he is wearing, think he is trying to tell us something subliminally?

Time for a refresher enjoy


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