‘I was abducted by aliens after breaking into Area 51’ Former airforce cadet’s shock claim

Chris Augustin tours UFO conferences across the globe giving the shocking story amid claims he has experienced missing time due to abductions by extraterrestrials – and it all started after his misadventure at the USAF base in the Nevada desert.

Area 51 is a top-secret US military base, where UFO conspiracy theorists claim the authorities conceal evidence of aliens visiting Earth from the public, and even create new secret spacecrafts based on recovered ET technology.

The US Government only admitted it existed in 2013, and it is heavily guarded by armed private contractors known as “cammo dudes” who have been filmed pulling their weapons on people who venture near the base.In a video just uploaded to YouTube, Mr Augustin is filmed telling a UFO conference in the US that he decided to venture into Area 51 after becoming obsessed with UFOs after seeing a mysterious black triangular craft sighting on July 17 1999 in Washington Township, New Jersey, when he was studying to go to a USAF academy.

Chris Augustin claims to have been abducted by aliens after visiting Area 51.
He claims the interest this sparked in the phenomenon led him to try to get into Area 51 on August 15 2001.He said: “I crossed the border and lived to tell about it.”

Mr Augustin said he parked his car and climbed a hill near the site, that was not fenced off all around.

He claims a black helicopter approached as he climbed before diving towards him and showed video he took of the incident.

Chris Augustin claims to have had an implant put in his leg after an alien abduction.

But, he claims the chopper left the area after circling him.

He said that he then crossed the border into the base and was not challenged by anyone before leaving.

Mr Augustine claims it was six months later before his first of many alien abductions that then followed.

It was at around 10pm in February 2002 when he was driving home from his girlfriend’s and lost three and a half minutes while at the wheel.

He then said he had a spike in psychic experiences, suffered more abductions, would wake up with blood in his bed, and was left with a bizarre metal implant in his lower left leg that was placed there by extraterrestrials.

Mr Augustine told the conference exactly what happens before people wake up with unexplained gaps in time.

My hands are on the wheel, executing a turn – and then three-and-a-half minutes are gone. I was afraid, afraid of what I didn’t understand.

Chris Augustin

He said: “Three minutes and 40 seconds took place inside my car. I felt like I’d come aware from something – like a daze.”My hands are on the wheel, executing a turn – and then three-and-a-half minutes are gone. I was afraid, afraid of what I didn’t understand.”

He said he could feel a foreign object under his skin, and a object has shown up inside his leg on scans.

Many people claim to have been abducted by aliens, and their stories are often the same, in that they involve missing time, and dream like experiences.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual said, ‘‘American ufologist and artist Budd Hopkins categorised many of the prime elements of the abduction experience.

“He discovered that UFO witnesses, with no inclination of an abduction experience, often cannot account for a missing period, ranging from minutes to hours.

“Abductions often start in childhood, continue throughout a person’s life, and are not just isolated incidents.

“Abductees regularly find mysterious scars on their body; they are often confused and worried by dreams or nightmares that they have had since childhood. Under hypnosis they remember being inside a flying saucer.

“Typical memories recall medical procedures that include the taking of sperm or ova.

“At times, the experience amounts to a form of ritualised rape. From his study of hundreds of reports, Hopkins believes that aliens are abducting people to create human/alien hybrids.

“As might be expected, such ideas have attracted the attention of both sceptics and believers. Sceptics regard the abduction researchers and abductees as gullible fools who do not know the difference between fact and fantasy.

“The believers regard the abductees as tortured victims who need understanding and help after the trauma of alien encounters.”



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