This guy thinks he is Jesus Christ and hundreds are following him

Christ is one of the most powerful symbols and has been for over 2,000 years. Christian’s cling to his every that the bible has to offer to hope to truly understand how they can be better and be accepted into those heavenly, pearly white gates that await many of us in the inevitable afterlife.

It’s no surprise a lot of Christ’s followers believe in reincarnations and do in fact believe the Lord’s light shall return once again and save us all from the impending doom.

Guy from Siberia believes to be Jesus Christ

So when somebody claims to be a reincarnation of Christ himself, you can imagine the reaction right?

Many are skeptical but at the same many of Christ’s followers will cling to his every movement. 4,000 true believers actually believe it really is him now that’s quite a substantial amount of people who are at your beck and call.

This particular Christ reincarnation (there’s been a few) isn’t entirely ordinary because he doesn’t interact much with his followers and has been known to use his position as a form of political status.

We hope you enjoy it and you can make your own mind up, has Christ returned? Or is just another master manipulator.

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