Russian Troops Protect Secret Biblical Dig In Syria

Three unnamed Israeli archeologists, backed by Russian troops, are taking part in the mysterious excavations which are believed to have already unveiled Hebrew engravings and antiquities.

They could use to prove their historical presence in the region according to their common tactic in dealing with different cities. Partnership first then monopoly.

The sources start in their talk to Zaman al-Wasl from the minute the Russians came into Palmyra after they expelled ISIS. Russians hastened to spread and create a base in Palmyra’s historical sites until they established a camp and military base inside the archeological area.

In Palmyra, according to the sources, the Russian soldiers and intelligence worked for a duration with Syrian regime mercenaries and soldiers. During that period, they were partners in robbing and selling archeological artifacts according to their power and military presence; however, this partnership did not last long as Russians revealed their intentions fast. They excluded the regime and singled out power for themselves in the heart of the historical city which is considered a museum full of treasures and antiquities rare to find in the world. Continue reading Russian Troops Protect Secret Biblical Dig In Syria